Please pass on my thanks to Paul Duckworth for his brilliant performance last night.  I took my 25-year-old son (a lifelong Liverpool fan) whose girlfriend has just kicked him out.  He came away laughing for what seems the first time in ages. Thanks again. FRANCES

I was at the show on Friday night and I felt compelled to write to tell you how amazing I thought it was. I have already told several red friends about it. I think this play will have a huge word of mouth following. Paul Duckworth was amazing - but you know that already. The real star however, was the script. I have not stopped thinking (and laughing)  about it. So congratulations to everyone involved. CHERYL

An important piece of theatre - you’ve captured the city.JIMMY McGOVERN

Absolutely fabulous. Absolutely. And I'd go again and again and again. It depicts Liverpool, the people, the football, the humour, I can't say anymore. It's absolutely fantastic. And it's going to be very successful. EILEEN

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It made me laugh, it made me cry. The Hillsborough bit. We’re Sheffield Wednesday supporters, and I know it sounds daft, but we felt responsible. So I was crying, so were Pat. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen. DAVE

I just thought I’d write to say how much I enjoyed watching Beating Berlusconi!  I’ve now seen it three times! Is it possible to get hold of the script as a book? ALAN  

I thought the actor Paul Duckworth was amazing and I found it all very emotional and hilarious. I was raving about it the next day to my friend Kim who also loved it and I would certainly go and see it again. LIZZIE  

Congratulations on a fine piece of writing and as for Mr Paul Duckworth, his performance was extraordinary. My friend, who knows little about football, declared it was the best evening she had had in years. As for me, it was worth the trip from London. MAY

Will this fantastic play be on anymore this year? I saw it at Edge Hill and was amazed. I’d love to see it again. LYN

I've been meaning to write this for a while. I was keen to make sure I didn't miss the show (I often miss things I want to see) and the reports I was getting meant this was a must see. I think I was mainly expecting a humorous jaunt around the story itself of the lad getting into Berlusconi's private box. But it delivered far more than that. Anyone aiming to do political theatre that reaches out successfully beyond the usual political community and into the real world needs to look at what you have done with Beating Berlusconi. And by that I mean in terms of the content, the ability to deal with hard hitting issues, in terms of the accessibility of the subject matter (ie the European cup win) and in terms of the quality of the production. I think you have done something brilliant John and I haven't before seen all of those boxes getting ticked so convincingly. ALAN                       

I was a bit worried when I booked tickets as a young female who does not enjoy football. I thought, is this a play I am actually going to enjoy, but enjoy was not the word, love would be more correct. I do not normally recommend plays or even send e-mails just to praise them, but I thought it was important to let you know how brilliant I thought it was.  Thanks so much for such a bloody good evening. HANNAH

An amazing, astonishing performance. The reality of the emotions powerfully expressed. I laughed and cried. ANGELA

The scene in which Paul played the three friends in Minty's house, was true genius. Not one slip -up in either voice or character. Brilliant. I do hope this story is made into a film. DEBBIE

My wife laughed as loud as me, and cried in equal measure. The eighth wonder of the world. Even if you hate football, Minty is the funniest character in history. Be very proud.  JOE

How can a production this good, not get taken up by more theatres for longer runs?! You must email me before it reopens – wherever. Many thanks. STEVE

I thought the show was brilliantly written, performed and directed. For me, Yank visitor to your fair city, it was amazing to hear the Liverpool dialect for so long. I think the show has such a human warmth to it that it doesn’t matter why you are there. What I mean is, is that it has an impressively wide audience appeal. MARY


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